We are unusually lucky in Sarratt Parish to have a large allotment site, with several vacancies at present.
Having an allotment is incredibly rewarding, providing many kilos of fresh fruit and veg (with any luck 😉), as well as being a great way of getting to know other plotholders, reducing your food miles, and keeping fit. There is vehicular access and a communal shed, as well as easy access to mains water standpipes.
The rent is £40 per year for a whole plot, or there is the possibility of just taking a half-
plot for £20/yr. We also ask for a £100 deposit, returnable when the plot is relinquished in good order – this is retained if the plot is given back in an unreasonable state in order to pay for remedial works before the next tenant.
If you would be interested in taking on a plot, please get in touch with Lena, our fabulous Parish Clerk on, or ring the Parish office on
01923 262025