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We are dedicated to working locally and inspiring people to give, to volunteer and to take part in helping all those who need it most. We help people and local organisations to invest in our local communities where it is most needed and where it will make the most impact.

SCCF Latest News

Wilding the Chess

Wilding the Chess We are extraordinarily fortunate to be living where we are but quite how special our landscape is not always so evident.  After all, we just live here: work, play, go to school and college and (when we can) worship, shop and go to the pub(s)!  But,...

Supporting Local Businesses

Do remember, that if you need help,  you can find it locally by searching in the Directory of the Parish website, So many great local Companies on our doorstep, to help with whatever it is you need! Support local businesses, who are in turn,...

SCCF Review of 2020

Sarratt & Chipperfield Community Foundation Review of SCCF in 2020 2020 has been extraordinary in every way - for Sarratt and Chipperfield, for the UK and for the world. SCCF has offered help throughout the community and addressed needs as they arose: isolation,...