SCCF has been pleased to be able to help the two village School’s this year.

One way we could help was to donate some funds towards the cost of a new website for the Sarratt School just after the School had become an Academy. The new website will be up and running soon.

The second grant to Sarratt School was to help fund the training of a Child Play Therapist. This will greatly support the lives of some of the school children who may struggle in various ways to be able to be supported. The access to a Child Play Therapist will also benefit the Primary School children in Chipperfield as well.

THERAPEUTIC PLAY – a way to express feelings and deal with emotional problems, using play as the main communication tool.

The purpose of therapeutic play in schools is to help the child benefit from teaching, by alleviating their emotional, behavioral and mental health problems.

THERAPEUTC PLAY can help children that are not reaching their full potential due to a multitude of problems, including:

• Anger
• Difficulty concentrating or learning
• Anxiety, stress or phobias
• Nightmares or disturbed sleep
• Suffering or having suffered from -trauma and or abuse

-divorced/seperated parents
-loss or bereavement
• Difficulty with friends or siblings
• Being withdrawn or unhappy
• Being bullied/bullying
• Innapropriate behaviour
• Not playing

Measuring the severity of a child’s emotional, peer, hyperactivity and conduct difficulties using a Strengths and Difficulties Quest. This is used to help determine what type of play therapy would best suit the child and to track their progress. Leading to increased wellbeing for the child.

Supporting our Village School’s.