Sarratt & Chipperfield Community Foundation (SCCF)
Sarratt Parish Council (SPC)
Sarratt Care
Sarratt Community Post Office Store

The above organisations are here to help and are
co-ordinating help for those who need it.

Sarratt Care01923 270577 – Monday to Friday 10am to 12 noon
For drivers and meals on wheels
Sarratt Community Post Office Store01923 262106 – order before 12 noon for free
home deliveries if you are over 70 or self isolating
SCCF – if you are worried or alone and just need to talk then please
call 01923 284453 or 07584 240661
SPC – for anything else or to volunteer call on 01923 262025

Sarratt supporting one another through these testing times