Sarratt & Sustainability in the 2020’s 
Next Meeting this Thursday in the back room of the Village Hall at 7:30pm. Open to All.

The word on the street or (lane) is how can we be more Green??  We share a common interest to start with and that is this special place in which we live, not just Sarratt but our Planet. With that in mind  a few people gathered together in the Village Hall to explore how we can become a more sustainable Sarratt Community.  Quite a few turned up…  30 +  and the energy was good.

Many of us feel we have been doing ‘our bit’ for the planet for many years in various ways.

Some of us wanted to start ‘doing our bit’ for the planet a bit more and others had some great ideas of how we collectively could make some super small changes that will make a really BIG difference!! Sounds exciting and all for the Good of our Village and Planet.!!

Some of the ideas floated that night were: As a Community how do we reduce the white vans ? How do we encourage our neighbours to switch off their engines when parked? (Especially outside the Community Store.)

What are the incentives for going Greener?  Especially in running our households.

Could we write to our MP and get Solar panel permission, currently not allowed here.? How about lobbying Parliament.

When the new building projects happen, thinking particularly of the Neighbourhood Plan how can we effect the shape of what is to come to be the most environmentally friendly for our village?

Who’s heard of Green Energy? Are you using it?

Could we start a new Environmental article each month for the Parish website and Spotlight? helping us all to explore new things we could be doing and sharing what we already are doing but perhaps our neighbours are not, simply because no one has mentioned it to them!

Like what?

Well…. Change your bank, Car,Composting, Community link up for Oil deliveries, a pick up point for van deliveries, the possibilities actually are endless and exciting if you have a heart to go greener and share it with those around you.

We could have a checklist of change!


The next gathering to explore a more Sustainable Sarratt Collectively will be on :
Thursday 27th February and it is OPEN to ALL , why not walk to the Village Hall and join us, bring your ideas with you too! 

Joining us to share some of what they do in Kings Langley will be John Ingleby.

John studied Physics at Durham University, and became a Systems Executive with International Computers Ltd. and then as International MIS Manager with Johnson Wax Corporation. He founded CoroNet Information Systems to focus on the use of computers in education and training. Following retirement, he taught IT part time at the Rudolf Steiner School in Kings Langley. John helped to launch GUCE (Grand Union Community Energy Ltd.) which raises funds for local renewable energy schemes. He is a qualified Community Shares Practitioner and currently chairs Transition in Kings (TiK).