This winter we are looking to support those who may feel the cold in their own homes.

Fuel poverty and social isolation means that once the cold weather comes, many elderly residents are trapped in their own homes and with the effects of the pandemic this is made even worse.

Since the rise in domestic energy prices, many will not be able to afford the large fuel bills, so for many this means living in room temperatures detrimental to their health.

The majority of cold weather related deaths are prevent-able, if vulnerable people are given the information and support they need.  Poorly insulated homes, fuel poverty and social isolation are a few of the many reasons why winter is a silent killer for many older people.

We can all help our community to stay warm this winter by simply looking out for our elderly neighbours and contacting SCCF if someone you know needs help to Stay Warm this Winter. 

SCCF would like to encourage people who receive, but do not need Winter Fuel Allowance to donate it to SCCF to help an elderly person struggling to stay warm this winter.

If you would like to help others stay warm this winter you can:

Send a cheque made payable to – The Sarratt and Chipperfield Community Foundation to :
SCCF, The Old Rectory, Church lane, Sarratt ,WD3  6HJ.

Contact us by email with any information that would help us to help others this winter :
Thank you.