Laundry bags for NHS workers – Sarratt’s response

It is unlikely as you read this that there is a spare pillow case to be begged, stolen or borrowed in Sarratt.  Every last one has been donated to our village volunteer sewing team to make urgently needed laundry bags for NHS workers.

This started as a joint initiative with Chipperfield Covid 19 volunteers and the larger nationwide response to requests for these bags so that nurses, doctors, care workers and others on NHS front line can bring home their uniforms and put them straight into the washing machine without touching them and so reduce risk of further spread of Covid 19.

Some of the bags are gorgeous but their main function is to help save lives and this is why the response to the appeal was rapid, generous and committed.  On day one, the word went round and so did the template for the bags, initial requests for materials and offers of machines.  By day two the scouts had donated hundreds of metres of para cord and by day three, two much loved machines had blown up with the pace.

By day five the first batch from Sarratt of 130 bags were on their way to Watford General and in week two there were another 150.  As this goes to press there has been an order from Harefield Hospital for 200.

A massive thank you to all who have sewn, delivered or donated for this effort – the NHS staff are overwhelmed with gratitude and relief.  Google it and you’ll see.

Another thank you to all those in the village who have donated toiletries to the workers to help soothe faces irritated by PPE and chapped hands from all the extra washing.  Or just tired feet from 36 hour shifts.    Once again Sarratt rocks.