Parish Platinum Picnic Party – Sunday 5th June 2022

Despite all the weather warnings for Sunday June 5th saying it was going to be a washout, the weather turned out to be very kind to us.
Helen Rogers picked me up and as promised wheeled me over in my wheelchair, where we joined the village and our friends at the straw
arena on the green. Angela Coakley and her helpers had set up a lovely arena for the dog show and picnic; there were crowds of people,
which was good to see. We bumped into lots of friends we hadn’t seen for ages.

We watched the dog show which was lovely and such a joy to see all the different dogs and children playing their part and some were dressed as Kings and Queens!I was kindly given a tiara to wear – thank you Angela!

The highlight for us was seeing the sausage catching competition which had us in stitches.
Roger Dudley was really good and kept the arena entertained and the children had great fun!
It was a lovely outing from beginning to end and we came home feeling really happy and pleased we joined in.
Lovely way to celebrate her Majesty’s 70th Anniversary.

Thank you to SCCF for organising such a great day.

Marguerite Browning