River Chess Update
I have just received the following statement from Richard Aylard of Thames Water:
β€œRe the plant at Chesham – the key facts are:

1. Increase in treatment capacity from 240 litres per second to 353 litres
per second. Construction has started and is planned to complete by
November this year.

2. Removal of phosphorus, with permit reduced from 2 mg per litre to
0.25 mg per litre. Construction will follow on completion of the
increase in treatment capacity, with construction complete by
November 2023.

In each case I have given the date for completion of construction. That will be followed by a period of testing, adjustment, settling down etc. The work to reduce infiltration of groundwater into the network is also going well. The combination of this and the reduction in abstraction could be contributing to the current healthy levels in the river so far this year.”
This was discussed at the meeting held in the village hall last autumn when Richard made his presentation and must be good news

Alan Milsom
Sustainable Sarratt Group