Sarratt and Chipperfield Community Foundation 2019 Review

Founded in 2017, Sarratt and Chipperfield Community Foundation (SCCF) is dedicated to working locally and inspiring people to give, to volunteer and to take part in helping all those who need it most. We help people and local organisations to invest in our local communities where it is most needed and where it will make the most impact.

Pop up Community Cafe :

The community cafe has entered into its second year in the village.  Attendance since the inception of the cafe has been very good.  The tables are always taken and it has grown a group of regulars who attend each month. The Cafe is attracting drop in visitors and with local advertising via email, personal invites, regular mailchimp mail outs, plus word and mouth locally, posters and facebook. It is proving to be a good place for people to meet up and generally enjoy an afternoon of networking and companionship.

Through the Cafe so far we have been able to link individuals to groups that support locally.  We encourage knowing our neighbours and have found that the support network is growing, especially in local people supporting and engaging with senior citizens who are challenged in various different ways. The Cafe helps us identify and hear about local difficulties and ill health in our community.

The Community Cafe has seen a real increase in young Mum’s dropping in before and after school pick up in 2019 and the Sarratt teens are starting to pop in after the School bus drops them off.  Currently we give school children free cake and a juice as it is usually towards the end of the day anyway. This is well received. The Cafe is now attracting all ages.
Much loved event!

So far it has been completely self funding including hall hire and all refreshments.
The space is there for all and we include lots of different groups and people  each month to come and share what they do in the community.

 Cafe – Links and Partners:

The Grove, Chatty Cafe,  Sarratt Parish Council, Sarratt Primary C of E School, Chipperfield C of E Primary School, District Councillors, Foodbank ( Rickmansworth), Herts’ Sports, Flamingo paperie, Carers in Herts’, Sarratt Care, Chipperfield Care, Herts’ Family Centre, Sarratt Mums & Toddlers’, Stress Awareness with Isma, Community Partnerships (Three Rivers),  2020 Herts Year of Culture and  Neighbours Together ( Watford & Three Rivers Trust) Walk and Talk mentoring,  amongst many others…

The Cafe has a strong and vibrant  group of volunteers and we plan to continue for 2020.

 SCCF Sarratt Parish Website:

SCCF is regularly updating the Sarratt Parish website with local news and reports including the Parish magazine Spotlight.  The community ‘What’s on’ page holds most of the activities going on in the Parish, with a good Business Directory for the local’s to find services , venues and the help that they need.

The Business directory is there for all and SCCF has been growing the list of local companies who advertise on the site. During the year of 2019 more locals have been sharing their news and blogs with the parish website. SCCF has welcomed all the extra input and responds quickly to requests.

The Parish website has the opportunity to support community events and people. The Sarratt facebook page points to the Parish website wherever it can in order to grow the online community presence. 2019 has seen a good engagement online with the website with more and more requests coming in from the community via email to place their activities on the pages.

SCCF website :

The SCCF website was set up in 2019.  All of the activities and news outstanding for SCCF has been put onto the site and it is kept up to date.

The website will have a ‘donate ‘ button for 2020.  All of the initiatives and activities are reported on the site regularly.
The website is still a work in progress!

 2019 Community Event

Sarratt Freshers Fair

 SCCF organised, hosted and funded a Freshers Fair.

Open to all, the event took place on a Saturday in order to accomodate all ages.

The village hall was full to capacity with 38 different clubs/groups and local small businesses. The cafe was also there on the day and a great community event was held. Networking and growing community goodwill was palpable throughout the day. A much appreciated event!

SCCF Grants for 2019:

Sarratt Seniors Football Club – New Goal Posts.

Sarratt C of E Primary School – Website support .

Sarratt Mums & Toddler group – New equipment .

Care Alarm Support in conjunction with the Sarratt Parish Council for senior citizens  living alone –  with ongoing maintenance.

Chipperfield Care – Winter warmth, funding the cost of heating for the aged and vulnerable.

Donations to SCCF :

 The ‘Warm in Winter’ initiative has seen some community donations coming in to SCCF in November and December  2019.

The Cafe has some donations given in addition to the price of the food and drink

SCCF Partnerships in 2019

The Grove, Chandlers Cross, Sarratt Parish Council, Three Rivers District Council, The Benefice of Holy Cross Sarratt and St Pauls Chipperfield, The Sarratt Neighbourhood Plan group, Spotlight Magazine, Rickmansworth Foodbank, Small Acts of Kindness, Sarratt Care, Chipperfield Care, Sarratt Primary School,  Herts’ Year of Culture 2020, Watford & Three Rivers Trust – Neighbours Together, Walk and Talk mentoring, Chatty Cafe .

Overall in 2019 the Sarratt and Chipperfield Community Foundation has been able to lend a helping hand where needed and is getting more widely known amongst the community.

SCCF is here to help. 

SCCF had a real effect in 2019 with a pastoral presence in the community and home visits for those who need it. This was particularly evident when we were talking to people and supporting them in getting their Care alarms forms filled in and the service installed.

2019 – A Good Year!