Saturday 6th April 2024 – Sarratt Village Hall

The Sarratt Horti Spring Show is here!

Remember entries and payment needs to be in the shop by 6pm on Wednesday 3rd April.  Entry forms and the schedule are on the website –  but if you need a schedule or entry forms, please email the secretary on

Flower classes include – Daffodils, Tulips, Hyacinth, Primulas, Pansies and many other Spring Flowers.
Vegetable, Fruit and Produce classes include a variety of types.

Plus we have:
Flower Arranging – “A jug of flowers for a kitchen windowsill”; “An exhibit on a pin holder using 5 flowers and foliage”; “A small arrangement in an eggcup”

Cookery – 3 bread rolls, A vegetarian quiche, 3 hot cross buns, A chocolate swiss roll, 5 ginger biscuits, Banana date cake with walnut & honey glaze.

Arts & Crafts – A tapestry, embroidery, knitted, patchwork quilting or cross-stitch article. A painting or drawing. An item of jewellery. A clay article. A wooden article. A metal article.

And Photographs –“Long Shadows” and “Bus Stop”

Children’s Classes – any child under 12 may enter, there are copies of the entry forms in the Sarratt Shop

5 yrs & under – A flower painted in handprints
6-8 Year Olds – A monster made from vegetables and flowers
9-12 Year Olds – A birthday card for a gardener
Any Age – A mini bug hotel

Open to members – if you want to join, please email the secretary on – it’s only £3 per person or £5 per household!
Those entering, please come to the Hall between 8-11am on the Saturday to put in your exhibits

ALL are welcome from 2:30pm to see the great entries, have afternoon tea, buy from the trading stall and win the raffle.  We will also have our normal auction of exhibits at the end of