Sarratt Wildlife Volunteers

On Sunday July 10th, we were again at Commonwood. The day was fine and warm but there were just a select few of us, it being holiday season. We needed to seek out and destroy yet more of the Small Balsam plants, as in June many were so small and hiding in brambles that we couldn’t get to them. A month on and we could root them out easily, thank goodness. This plant comes from Northern Asia, but has gradually spread throughout Europe taking over large swathes of forests.
Gordon had been shocked by those plants he had seen on a walk in Lower Plantation at Flaunden. There in some large areas this pesky little plant has completely taken over as it will do given half a chance, none of our native plants can then grow. We must not let this happen in our woods.

We were quite successful in finding and pulling up all we could see, so felt reasonably satisfied with our morning’s work.

On Sunday August 14th we shall be raking up the cut grass on The Green down by Morton’s Pond. We always need plenty of hands at this task so please join us if you can, 10am by The Pond. Please bring your own gloves and refreshments, tools are provided. Just turn up or for more information contact Dawn 267071 or Dawn