Sarratt & Chipperfield Community Foundation

Review of SCCF in 2020

2020 has been extraordinary in every way – for Sarratt and Chipperfield, for the UK and for the world.

SCCF has offered help throughout the community and addressed needs as they arose: isolation, mental health, food poverty and wellbeing

Initiatives for 2020

● Pop Up Community Cafe in Sarratt

● Sustainable Sarratt

● Village Day ( planned then cancelled)

● Community Garden behind the Sarratt post office community stores

● Covid Response – leaflet distribution / Support to the community

● Hero Awards

Community Cafe and Sustainable Sarratt gatherings ceased in March due to Covid19.
Both groups have a strong following and are waiting for restrictions to lift in order to go forward.

Sustainable Sarratt had a meeting in September to discuss the state of the River Chess in the village hall. This issue is ongoing.

SCCF during C.19

● We initiated and led the printing and distribution of leaflets to every household in the Parish to let people know where they could turn if they were in difficulty. Partners in this Sarratt Parish Council (SPC), Sarratt Care and Sarratt store.

● SCCF offered phone support to the isolated and a call line for anyone in need.

● Flower distribution in the Spring for those isolated with door step visiting.

● Phoning elderly folk living alone for chats.

● Grants 2020

● Kindergarten children – Pre School Mum’s & Toddler group
● Play Equipment and new toys

● Funding the training of a child Play Therapist
● Chipperfield & Sarratt Primary Schools

● Sarratt Primary School Website renewal

● Days Alms House Charity

● Support & maintenance of Panic Alarms
– for eleven vulnerable adults.
– Partnership with SPC

• Community Garden Project

• Chipperfield Care Soup Project

• Local Hero Awards

SCCF during 2020 kept the Parish website and the SCCF website updated with local news regularly and generates new advertisers.

SCCF website has had a Donate button added.

New projects :

Garden for the community behind Sarratt store

The sustainable Sarratt group are leading this. A new group called friends of the garden have been formed.

Hero Awards;

The Hero awards were given to 12 Parishioners who have gone above beyond in 2020 they were given framed and signed certificates and also a Hero voucher of £40 for a meal at the Boot pub.

Community Land Trust for Sarratt.

This is being explored as a solution for potential development as supported by the community.

SCCF Links and Partners in 2020

Sarratt Parish Council , Sarratt Primary School, Chipperfield Primary School, District Councillors, Rickmansworth Foodbank, Carers in Herts’, Sarratt Care, Chipperfield Care, Sarratt Mums & Toddlers, Neighbours together (Watford and Three Rivers) Sarratt Community store, Sustainable Sarratt, Holy Cross Church, St Pauls Church,

Spotlight magazine, The Sarratt Neighbourhood plan group, The Grove, Chandlers Cross, Small Acts of Kindness and Herts Careline.

2020 has been a year of real challenge, SCCF has continued to grow goodwill in the communities of Sarratt and Chipperfield and supported many in need.