SCG – April 2024

It’s been a while since I’ve reported but there has been very little to report except endless rain. On the upside, our wonderfully enriched soils, full of organic matter, have coped really well with the rain, and there is no waterlogging, and very little sticky mud. Whether the dahlias (left in the ground and mulched) will have survived is another matter, but only time will tell on that one, and we have potted up a few new ones just in case!

In the polytunnel we have really great lettuces and land cress, both planted out last September and doing well, despite the fact that something (rat, squirrel, rabbit???) has chewed enormous holes in the sides – it really didn’t need to bother – both ends are open! We also have ranunculus growing there, which should start flowering in late April/early May.

Rhubarb is the star at this time of year, and hopefully you have seen it in the shop by now, as well as at the Sunday Market. My favourite way to eat it is in a rhubarb frangipan tart, but also gently stewed and served with organic yoghurt, as jam, or as an unusual and delicious chutney.

The Garvey household has been eating kale and purple sprouting broccoli, but I sadly didn’t plant it in big enough quantities to supply the shop – lesson learned for next year.

Salad bags should be in the shop by the time you are reading this – the new batch is sown and I am going and talking to them in the greenhouse every day, willing them to grow quickly..

Mission EmployAble’s interns will be back with us after Easter, which will be a treat. We have got lots of fabulous volunteers this year, many coming regularly on a Saturday morning, 10.30-12.30. if you would like to join us, please let me know and I can add you to our WhatsApp group (essential, as we can be in different locations week on week). or 07759777475.