Sarratt and Chipperfield Community Foundation

Founded in 2017 SCCF was set up simply to support the local Community.

These are extraordinary times.

 No-one knows where the world will move in the next few weeks or months or years. All we know is that we live in our homes in distressing times with our families and friends in our local communities.

 Before the virus impacted the world and our lives we all followed our chosen paths – with so many hopes and fears directed in diverse ways. Brexit, potholes, climate change, exams, work, play, social media  – all consuming. We rushed through life without many pauses and often very little downtime.

 Now many are obliged to stay at home to ‘stay safe’ and to shield those around us. Suddenly our day to day routines are turned upside down and we are obliged to slow down.

There are plenty of people in our community who are vulnerable – not just to the virus but with issues and needs they cannot address alone.
SCCF is here to help: 

You can email us at

Or call:  07584 240661  or 01923 264380

You are not alone if you have a phone.